CABCBC Position Paper on the Proposed ICBC Changes

CABCBC. On May 8, 2018, the Canadian Bar Association, British Columbia Branch put out a position paper setting out serious concems about the proposed changes to ICBC. The position paper states that:

1. Damage caps will in most cases reduce the level of compensation for innocent accident victims.
2. Damage caps are not in the public interest.
3. The limitation of the rights of an individual to recover damages in motor vehicle accident cases is contrary to the principles of the Canadian justice system.
4. The definition of minor injury is ever-changing at this point in time.
5. No definition of minor injury should be finalized until fulsome consultation has occurred.
6. The negative consequences of damage caps will disproportionately impact on those already most disadvantaged in our society.
7. Insurance premiums have not declined in other jurisdictions after the introduction of nofault based insurane schemes.

To read the full position paper click on the logo below.

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